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按摩 . Massage
足療 . Foot Spa

養生 . Wellness


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是陰與陽、內與外、人與大自然之間的平衡。 日月按摩以人和自然為本,旨為大家提供喘息空間。自然柔和的環境、然優質的按摩用料、陰陽內外平衡的概念,由外到內讓你感受到恰到好處的療癒,達致身心健康均衡狀態。 


座落於旺角花墟附近,是香港花草植物的集中地,也呈現出大自然與城市連結的美麗風景。「日月‧按摩 」從都市人身心所需出發,提供各式按摩(Massage)足療(Foot Spa)及養生療程(Wellness)居家按摩(Home Massage)。


Sun and Moon 

Is the balance of  Yin-Yang, Inside-Outside, and People-Nature. “People and Nature oriented” and “Give a break” are the messages that Sun and Moon Massage warmly presents. Using all natural herbs to heal you from enjoying treatments with the concept of “Yin-Yang” in a cozy environment. 


Sun and Moon Massage is located in Mong Kong Flower Market, which is centralized with flowers and herbs, also, presenting the bonding of nature and the city.  We provide MASSAGE, FOOT SPA, WELLNESS and HOME MASSAGE treatment to fulfill the desire of urbanites. 


為你提供細心服務 Our Services 


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日月. 按摩 | Sun and Moon Massage
旺角店 | Mongkok Branch
G/F, Sai Yee Street 203, Mong Kok (Prince Edward MTR Exit B2)
       WhatsApp預約:6450 0989

西營盤店 | Sai Ying Pun Branch

西營盤忠正街8號藝里坊1號3號舖 (西營盤地鐵站B3出口)
Shop 3, One Artlane, No.8 Chung Ching Street, Sai Ying Pun 
(Sai Ying Pun MTR Exit B3)
        WhatsApp預約:6450 7659
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日月按摩 Sun and Moon Massage