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Flag Ship store designed to embody the essence of the Sun and Moon philosophy

Sun and Moon Spa - Breathe aims to harmonize the delicate balance between yin and yang, the inner and outer realms, and the interconnectedness of humanity and nature. Our discerning selection of the purest natural ingredients, including refined rice scrubs, indulgent gold leaf massages and soothing jade stone treatments, ensures an unparalleled spa journey and uniqueness from our current 3 branches.

Enveloped in the power and harmony of nature, a state of perfect balance and serenity within your body and soul.

Within our sanctuary, thoughtfully crafted for the modern woman only, higher privacy with private shower and make up room, an ambiance of refined elegance and tranquil warmth awaits. It serves as a sanctuary for restoring the equilibrium of mind and body, fostering a sense of holistic well-being and unity.


Whether your desire is profound relaxation or rejuvenating beauty rituals, our Sun and Moon Spa series offers bespoke experiences tailored to meet your every need. Immerse yourself in the expertise of our highly skilled Thai therapists. Their wealth of knowledge and refined techniques enable them to curate personalized spa experiences, meticulously tailored to your individual preferences and desires.


Our commitment lies in providing a truly distinctive and gratifying spa encounter, where you will be enveloped in the power and harmony of nature, ultimately achieving a state of perfect balance and serenity within your body and soul.

日月水療 - Breathe | Sun and Moon Spa - Breathe

尖沙咀加連威老道39號 太興商業大廈2樓 ( 尖沙咀 B1 出口 )
2/F, Tern Commercial Building, No.39 Granville Road,
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon ( Tsim Sha Tsui Station Exit B1 )

       WhatsApp預約:6502 0967

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